AZ Counseling - Art Davalos-Matthews, MA LPC

Please cancel or change an appointment as soon as you know it is necessary.

(50 Min) Initial Intake

Use this option if you have not met with Mr. Davalos-Matthews before. If you are interested in completing your Initial Intake via Telehealth and are physically attending classes in Mesa, schedule your initial intake as an “In-Person” session. Mr. Davalos-Matthews can then determine if telehealth counseling is appropriate for you.

Duration: 1 hour

(50 Min) Routine Counseling

Requires a prior Initial Intake session. Telehealth counseling must be pre-approved by the counselor and a telehealth disclosure form submitted prior to scheduling.

Duration: 1 hour

(25 Min) Consultation

Consultation is appropriate for brief questions, to obtain a list of resources, or obtain a referral for a provider/service in your community. May be scheduled as In-Person or Tele-health.

Telehealth consultation is not appropriate for crisis situations. Please dial 800.273.8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or 9-1-1.

Duration: 30 minutes

(50 Min) Couples Counseling (In-person only)

Pre-screening and approval by therapist required prior to scheduling. Couples Counseling is only provided in-person.

Duration: 1 hour

(80 Min) EMDR Therapy

Requires pre-screening, Initial Intake appointment, & therapist approval.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes